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I love smelling things and learning.

Uso actualmente al menos 5 perfumes

Me perfumo : En las muñecas/ brazos, En el cuerpo, Te pones en una nube de perfume

No me pongo el mismo perfume durante el día que por la noche, Cambio de perfume según la estación del año, No me pongo el mismo perfume en casa que para salir, Me gusta escoger un perfume según mi humor, Me gusta...

Uso : Lolita Lempicka, Fleur de Corail, BLUE, Cannabis Rose, Cannabis Santal, Romance, Love Etc...

Uso perfume : 5-6 veces por semana

Compro pefume en : Una vez cada 2-3 meses

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Aqua Allegoria – Mandarine Basilic
Déclaration d’un Soir
Fleur de Corail
See By Chloé
Déclaration d’un Soir
See By Chloé

I'm not overly fond of fruity florals, but I like this. It's not particularly complex or mind-bending, but it's very pretty and isn't overly sweet. I was worried that "apple...

Love Etc...

I own this and want to like it (the description sounds wonderful), but it never smells quite right on me anymore. It used to be pleasant (not amazing, but pleasant). Now there's a...


I keep hearing this has been discontinued, but I can still find it through Macy's in the US. I received this as a present years ago. While I originally thought it was a big too...

Fleur de Corail

Because I'm such a fan of the original Lolita, I gave Fleur de Corail a try. They couldn't be more different. This is like a soft and beachy frangipani concoction. I find myself...