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Born in India, Neela Vermeire lives and works in Paris, after having lived in India, USA and UK. Neela is a qualified lawyer, but her passion for perfumes and arts made her get involved in the fragrance world. She created Perfume Paths, a bespoke fragrance consultancy and niche tours for individuals. In 2011, she decided to go further and launched her own line of perfumes called Neela Vermeire Creations. Neela Vermeire’s fragrances are inspired by India’s history, arts and culture. Her website : www.neelavermeire.com

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Bel Ami Vétiver

Bel Ami Vétiver is pleasant – a new take on the classic perfume Bel Ami that is much admired by many Hermes fans. The bottle is unmistakably Hermes - simple and elegant. I...

Roberto Cavalli

I feel a sour fruity opening that makes me think of scented erasers, but also of boiled hard candies like bonbon napoleon / sour lemon candies. There is a sensation of a big heart...


I have been a great fan of Guerlain’s traditional perfumes and Shalimar is among one of the classics. In this fragrance, I feel lemon, bergamot, jasmine, rose, tonka bean,...