Tendre Kiss Lalique

Tendre Kiss Lalique

por Lalique
2002 Creación
Mujer Tipo
Floral - Verde Familias olfativas

Pirámide olfativa

Nota de Cabeza : Aguaribay, Litchi
Nota de Corazón : Nuez moscada, Pimienta
Tendre Kiss Lalique
Nota de perfume 4/5 Valora y comenta perfume 4 Opiniones
lo llevo lo llevé… Me inspira ya no me inspira
  • No hay etiquetas para este perfume 04 agosto 2015

    Thank you very much Rosemary. It's always a pleasure to hear from you whether in English or French, and congrats for your comments !

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  • No hay etiquetas para este perfume 02 agosto 2015

    Joyeux anniversarie ECKBO57! Je suis heureux que vous me disiez au sujet du nouveau parfum de Lalique "Living." Je veux vraiment essayer. I would comment more in Francais but spell checker automatically changes every other word I type. If I am not careful I might miss an important correction. So good to hear from you.

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  • No hay etiquetas para este perfume 31 julio 2015

    Dear Rosemarie, Lalique launched a new fragrance "Living" around iris flower and woods. I got a bottle for my birthday. I hope you will have the opportunity to try it as soon as possible.

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  • No hay etiquetas para este perfume 29 julio 2015

    Bonjour ECKBO57! I never met a Lalique parfum I didn't like. It is sad that it isn't available.

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