Gloria Cacharel

Gloria Cacharel

2002 Creación
Mujer Tipo
Oriental - Madera Familias olfativas

Pirámide olfativa

Nota de Cabeza : Rosa
Gloria Cacharel
Nota de perfume 5/5 Valora y comenta perfume 4 Opiniones
lo llevo lo llevé… Me inspira ya no me inspira
  • No hay etiquetas para este perfume 31 mayo 2017

    Love the bottle for this one. I adore amor amor and the pyramid for this one suggests I would love it too. It seems to be discontinued so it's unfortunate.

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  • Perfume excepcional 24 mayo 2015

    Presentacion super fina y elegante, me fascina este color tan femenino y vibrante, adoraria probarlo!!

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  • No hay etiquetas para este perfume 07 abril 2015

    HI ROSEMARIE, you're totally right !

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  • No hay etiquetas para este perfume 15 marzo 2015

    Hi ECKBO57, it is important to note here that I did try to use a company who claimed they could reproduce discontinued scents. It was only $40, but they did not come close to the real scent. If it is gone, it's gone.......................Ne perdez pas d'argent sur une entreprise affirmant qu'ils peuvent faire parfums abandonnees. Seulement acheter la chose reelle.

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